Healthy Holiday Guide

February 29, 2016 - Lifestyle

The holiday season is here! Just when 2015 winds down to a close, the holiday events and activities multiply. While the holiday season embodies tradition, family, fellowship and joy, it is often laden with holiday feasts and treats. Don’t let decking the halls spoil your weight loss efforts. Try to view this holiday season as the first of many in which you spread joy and cheer, while also sustaining your healthy lifestyle and all of the habits you have worked so hard to engrain in your daily life. Below are tips and tricks that can help you in most holiday situations you find yourself in. Remember that your coach is available for support and to help you plan your strategy to enjoy the holidays while also staying committed to your goals.

Holiday Traveling

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. If you know you are flying or driving to your holiday destination, plan ahead! While traveling can be daunting since it puts us out of our normal routine, recognize that you are capable of going places and staying on plan. Pack enough Profile-approve snacks and meals to stay on plan. When ever you are able, take a break from the car, get a breath of fresh air, and go on a 10 minute walk at a rest stop. If you find yourself in an airport with some downtime, venture out of your gate and take a stroll through the airport. If you’re staying at a hotel, try to select one with a fitness facility. Finally, keep your bottled water with you and stay hydrated! It is easy to get distracted by travel plans and not pay attention to water consumption. If you are flying, it is suggested that you drink 8 ounces of water before boarding the plane and an additional 16 ounces of water for every two hours in-flight.

Holiday office lunch

Many offices and places of employment celebrate the holidays but going out to lunch. If given the choice of where to go, choose a restaurant where you know you can order a healthy option. Referred to the Profile dining out guide for ideas of restaurants in your area that have Profile-approved menu options. If the restaurant has already been selected and agreed-upon at your office, research the menu ahead of time! Find out what type of food offerings will be there and check with your coach if you are unsure about how to navigate the menu in order to select the best option. While the menu items may not always be ideal, there are still small modifications you and your coach can try to identify together that will benefit you. Enjoy your time with your colleagues and coworkers while also staying committed to the goals you have set for yourself.

Holiday parties

Survive the seasonal parties and stay on plan with a number of tricks. Mentally prepare yourself for holiday temptations and come up with strategies to avoid going off plan. One easy way to regain control over food offerings at a holiday party is to bring a dish. Select a healthy option that works for you and your plan, and will be a nice option for other guests who are also mindful of their health goals. Another strategy is to hold a glass of ice water in your dominant hand as you mingle with other guess. Not only does holding a glass of water in your dominant hand make it more difficult to grab readily available food, but it also keeps you hydrated. Another option is to eat before the party. This ensures you stay on plan and avoid feelings of hunger while in an environment with limited healthy options. Try chewing sugarless gum while at the party as an extra buffer against any buffet and open bar. Lastly, if you make the choice to go off plan, acknowledge that one day or one party does not negate all of your previous successes.

Holiday traditions

What traditions do you look forward to at this time of year? Does your family convene to do a holiday movie marathon? Perhaps you and your loved ones make it a point to see Christmas lights. Whatever the case, begin brainstorming ways in which you can incorporate your healthy lifestyle into these traditions. Perhaps in years past, your family sat in the car while idling through neighborhoods and parks to observe Christmas lights. Maybe this year you and your loved ones could bundle up, brave the cold, and walk through that neighborhoods to see the lights together. If you don’t have holiday traditions, think about creating some this holiday season that are in line with your weight-loss journey. Many cities hold 5K events where the race entry fee raises money/in-kind donations for local charities to provide gifts for those in need in your community. Be creative and committed to your weight-loss goals, and find traditions that work for your new lifestyle.

There is no “one-size-fits-all approach” weight loss management. Experiment and find what strategies work best for you. Always get in touch with the coach if you feel unsure or nervous about how to navigate any upcoming situation. Finally, enjoy yourself and your health with loved ones during the holiday season.


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