Celebrate Your Freedom With Five All-American Independence Day Recipes

Portabella Burgers
July 03, 2017 - Nutrition


The United State of America turns 241 tomorrow and we’ve got five amazing recipes to help you celebrate our freedom! Throw on some patriotic attire, turn up the radio and fire up the grill to try these festive Profile-approved All-American recipes:


All American Burgers

All-American Burgers

What’s more American than a tender, juicy, delicious burger right off the grill? Add your favorite condiments and enjoy this All-American classic while you kick back and relax on the patio with family friends.


Grilled Portabella Mushroom Burgers

Cut the cholesterol and savor the flavor of this vegetarian alternative to the traditional hamburger. Balsamic marinade gives it a meaty taste that even a meat eater will enjoy!


Surf & Turf Kabob

Lean, mean and packed with protein, this scrumptious steak and shrimp on a skewer is perfectly portable for socializing at your Independence Day gathering.


Grilled Fruit

If you're a fan of fruit, you'll love this quick and easy side dish. Plus, grilled fruit makes a great dessert when paired with ice cream!


Independence Day Red White and Blue Strawberry Cake

Salute the stars and stripes with this sweet dessert that’ll delight your house guests as they watch the fireworks fly. Ripe with strawberries and blueberries, this tasty treat is a must-have for any Independence Day celebration.


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