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Weight loss the Profile® way

Profile makes weight loss simple, easy-to-follow, and best of all, sustainable. Backed by one of the nationʼs largest health systems, Profile by Sanford is a personalized plan designed to improve the way you eat and live. It’s weight loss that’s customizable for each member, meaning certified coaches will tailor your plan to fit your needs along your weight loss journey.
Once you join Profile, you’ll receive:

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Personalized Meal Plan

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Discounts On Nearly 100 Profile Products

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1-on-1 Weekly Coaching

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Membership Pricing

Every dollar spent on losing weight is an investment in your health and in your future. Profile offers the most value for one of the more affordable plans in the weight loss industry.

There are no monthly membership fees, hidden charges or overpriced supplements – just results.

Employer Partner

1-Year Membership

Select if your employer is partnered with Profile. Employers not listed can register to become one.


$2.88 per week* SAVE 50%

Physician Referral

1-Year Membership

Check with your physician or healthcare provider for a referral and save 50% on your membership.


$2.88 per week* SAVE 50%


1-Year Membership

Join the thousands of members who have lost weight and kept it off.


$5.77 per week*


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